Wu Yi Rou Gui (武夷肉桂)

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The Wu Yi Mountains (武夷山) is a mountain range located in the prefecture of Nanping, Fujian province, China. With a total land area of 60 km², it was placed under UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1999 for both its biological diversity and significance as an ancient cultural site.

Up till now, although hundreds of tea bush varieties have been identified as growing in and around Mt. Wu Yi, not all of them can be classified as Wu Yi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶) or “Wu Yi Cliff Tea". It is strictly regulated that only tea which are produced according to traditional protocol (Wulong production), and grown around the region, can be classified as such. Collectively, they are one of the most famous of Chinese teas - especially Da Hong Pao which is regarded by some as the representation of Chinese Tea culture.

Weight: 100 grams

Keep in cool dry place. Away from strong light and odour. 

Blended and packed in Singapore