Our Vision and Mission

Tea quality is our outmost priority. We know that good quality tea is really beautiful on its own and has finesse in its taste, and its fragrance is natural and alluring. 

We believe that there exists pure love for Tea – one that is not dazzled with marketing glamour and masked by exotic spices and flavors that may distract one from appreciating the inner beauty.

Leveraging on our production and wholesale competency, TeaPal aims to bring this pure appreciation of good quality tea directly to consumers at the best value possible.We believe it is important to preserve this for future generations. 

We hope you love it as much as we do.


Our Story

Our journey began as exporters of tea from Fujian (China) to Southeast Asia in the early 1900s. Coming from the hometown of Tie Guan Yin (tea), our expertise in tea and direct from source pricings gave us the competitive edge and we established a foothold in Singapore, and later Malaysia as wholesalers and distributors in the name of Nam Wan Tea. Co.

Over the years, we extended our sourcing and distribution networks globally to include broader varieties of tea, such Ceylon tea, Japanese Green Tea, Taiwanese Oolong tea, and European floral blends.

Today, after a century of dedication, we are proud to have established strong and trustable procurement networks that consistently deliver quality tea to our customers. We started our retail brand TeaPal only in 2004 to connect directly with consumers through physical locations. In 2015, we discontinued this capital intensive shop presence and now service our loyal customers (who have followed us through the years) via wholesale requests, phone and online orders. We are still the same, no marketing gimmicks, all about tea, tea, and more quality Tea (see our blog (http://www.teapalsg.com/blogs/news)

The future is very exciting for us. Focusing on our upstream capabilities, we have designed a state-of-the art plantation back in the very hometown of Tie Guan Yin in Fujian (China). This plantation is the perfect marriage between technology and tradition It boosted our capabilities to nurture better tea right at the roots and ability to enforce exceptionally strong quality control. After a decade, we finally achieved our dream of pushing tea production to greater heights! We hope to post an update soon to share the joy with fellow tea lovers!

A short video of our company history done in the 1990s